CleverBox Interior system


Enclosure system for internal shades CleverBox interior – an innovative product on the scale of the market – is a response to the needs of investors and designers in the field of modern and minimal interior finishing, perfectly matching the current trends.

The system allows the use of various types of internal shades, including: wooden and aluminum roller shutters, fabric blinds, roman curtains, day-night blinds, vertical blinds, panel curtains and fabric curtains.

CleverBox interior offers a space (225 mm high and 100 mm deep) to hide the fastening and / or the entire inner shade as a function of needs, eg the need to fully open the window sash. The maximum width of a single shades is 6000 mm, with the possibility of making sets in a single housing. Such parameters allow comfortable installation of most internal covers, including large wooden blinds.

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the possibility of using various types of internal shades: wooden and aluminum blinds, fabric blinds, Roman blinds, day-night blinds, vertical blinds, panel curtains and curtains and fabric curtains

aesthetic and clean architectural form thanks to the total box construction, fitting in with modern and minimalist trends in interior design

box with dimensions of 245×255 mm with internal space 225 mm high and 100 mm deep, allowing the assembly of most internal shades

possibility of using a duet with a concealed system of external shades in various variants (eg external blind – internal blind, external shutter – internal blind, external blind – curtain, etc.)

maximum width of the inner shade up to 6m, with the possibility of making sets within a single housing

high degree of thermal insulation thanks to the use of a polystyrene insert with a graphite addition of 12 cm

box construction based on the elements of the CleverBox system, characterized by stiffness, easy assembly and exceptional thermal insulation parameters
the possibility of mounting the CleverBox interior on different window profiles (also HS)