CleverBox top-mounted roller shutters

Top-mounted roller shutters include a characteristically structured casing made of plastic, installed on the window frame and fixed and anchored in the window recess. Their application should be taken into account at the stage of designing or adapting the building and requires enlarging the window opening by the height of the chosen box.

The innovative CleverBox system allows achieving many variants of top-mounted roller shutters. Depending on the requirements and preferences of our client, individual products can be diversified in terms of the dimensions of the box, the type of inspection cover, addition of a mosquito net, the type of insulation, the manner of finishing and building in and the type of control. The system can be built in in three variants: thermic, thermic WF and soft.

CleverBox Thermic

– dimensions: 165×255 mm, 205×255 mm, 245×255 mm
– access plate from the bottom
– fully or partially built-in option
– maximum width of the window profile: variant without a mosquito net – 98 mm, variant with a mosquito net – 80 mm

CleverBox Thermic WF

– dimensions: 165×255 mm, 205×255 mm, 245×255 mm
– access plate from the rear
– externally built-in option
– maximum width of the window profile: unlimited

CleverBox Soft

– dimensions: 165×175 mm, 205×215 mm
– access plate from the rear
– externally built-in option
– maximum width of the window profile: variant without a mosquito net – 98 mm, variant with a mosquito net – 80 mm

Energy efficiency

CleverBox roller shutters are characterised by precision of fitting, proper thickness of casing components and specifically designed internal insulation. Their structure prevents penetration of heat and eliminates formation of any thermal bridges.

The thermal insulation parameters (temperature coefficient and heat transfer coefficient) of the CleverBox roller shutters have been confirmed by tests and certificates of the research institute of IFT Rosenheim in Germany. The product was also tested by the research agency WERNER Beratende for increasing the energy standard of the building to the degree meeting the German standard of EnEV.

thermal transmittan cecoefficient

USb ≥ 0,61 W/(m²K)

temperature coefficient

fRsi ≤ 0,75

Acoustic comfort

Apart from thermal insulation, acoustic insulation is one of the more important aspects of modern construction solutions. Increasing noise pollution in the environment, especially thickening road traffic, make investors seek products limiting the effect of burdensome sounds.

The acoustic insulation tests carried out in the research institute of IFT Rosenheim confirm that the CleverBox roller shutters have exceptional properties in terms of insulation from external sources of noise. Their structure efficiently dampens burdensome sounds generated outside, ensuring the desired peace and quiet in building rooms and guaranteeing a calm rest to their residents.

sound insulation index

Rw = 39 ÷ 33 dB

Our systems are “Clever” for a reason

Get to know the innovative solutions of the system and their benefits

CleverBox top-mounted roller shutters stand out thanks to a range of “smart” technical and technological solutions employed in the modern construction industry, thus meeting the needs of demanding users.


The roller shutter box is available in a version with a rollable mosquito net placed between the window and the roller shutter body, being an additional mosquito protection. Option to prepare independent divisions for individual windows.


A versatile adapter allowing easy installation on any PVC, aluminium and wooden window.


Optional steel profiles and reinforcement consoles ensuring stability of installation in the case of huge sizes.


A two-sided frontal profile with the possibility to employ in the non-building-in or building-in variant – the box will be entirely hidden from the outside.


Possibility to use roller shutter body profiles in various colour and dimension variants.


Possibility to control the roller shutter body with electric or manual drives. Smart control considerably improves the comfort of use.

Finishing aesthetics

Tailored to your tastes

CleverBox roller shutters are offered in a wide selection of colour and design options allowing to shape their appearance to the individual liking of investors. The offered decors include a new generation of the Woodec foil, being a faithful reproduction of the appearance and nature of true wood combined with high durability and performance.