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For over a dozen years, the BeClever® sales chain has been built on the foundation of timely deliveries, professional technical support and customer service at the highest standard.

In connection with the development of the distribution network, we are looking for partners among enterprises dealing with the production of protection system techniques, particularly external roller shutters, external blinds and screens. We offer innovative top-mounted systems – CleverBox – and under-plaster systems – QuadBox – which meet the expectations and needs of producers, fitters and users.

We will eagerly answer all your questions regarding cooperation – please contact:

Przemysław Walczak
Sales Manager

+48 601 349 468

    8 benefits of working with BeClever systems


    Each element can be used in a range of ways, which allows configuring different variants of sun protection systems using the same components.


    The systems allow using different protection systems, taking into account the preferred technical parameters, functional features and the building-in and finishing possibilities.


    Limitation of logistic costs through minimisation of stock levels, arising from the versatility of the BeClever systems.


    Systemic solutions in the form of installation anchors, profiles and reinforcement consoles, ensuring the stability of the installed box even in the case of very large dimensions.

    Ease of installation

    Different possibilities of combining the CleverBox box with the widow frame and ease of installation and servicing of the QuadBox hybrid system.

    Smart solutions

    A range of ``smart`` solutions (e.g. patent-protected dual socket of the bearing, two-side frontal profile, reinforcement consoles) setting the systems apart from other products.


    PVC part extrusion based on eco-friendly lead-free stabilisers. All-purpose elements designed to limit the warehouse stock.


    The production of individual elements based on using the most modern machinery park and materials of the highest quality.

    The casing system tailored to your needs

    BeClever offers two original, innovative external roller shutter systems, which are most often used in newly developed buildings – the QuadBox under-plaster roller shutter system and the CleverBox top-mounted roller shutter system. They offer similar benefits for the user, but they differ in the structure and the installation method.

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