BeClever Sp. z o.o. is a manufacturer of external systems of screening techniques for the construction industry. For years, we have been offering reliable and innovative solutions in the area of external roller shutters, venetian blinds and screens.

The company’s portfolio includes housing systems for external roller shutters, venetian blinds, screens and a wide selection of complementary elements. We offer innovative systems, CleverBox top-mounted and QuadBox under-plaster roller shutters, meeting the needs of: manufacturers, assemblers and users.

BeClever products are characterised by innovative and patented solutions, universality, versatility and, above all, high quality. Our products have one of the best parameters, improving thermal and acoustic comfort, which has been acknowledged by numerous certificates issued by renowned research bodies, including the IFT Rosenheim Institute in Germany.

BeClever is continuously developing its product offer, making every effort to ensure that BC products provide high comfort of use and are friendly in the production and assembly processes.

High quality distinguishes not only our product, but also our customer support – before, during and after sale.

Each year, we continuously expand our new customer base, both on the Polish and foreign markets. Our distinguishing features include professionalism, support at every stage of cooperation and expert advice.

    • Commencement of the company’s activity.
    • Marketing of the in-house system of top-mounted roller shutters with an access plate from the rear side (CleverBox thermic).
    • Extension of the product portfolio of the top-mounted roller shutters with a box with an access plate from the rear side (CleverBox soft).
    • Commencement of the company’s activity and marketing of the in-house system of top-mounted roller shutters with an access plate accessible from the rear side (CleverBox thermic).
    • Obtaining certificates of thermal and acoustic insulation for the CleverBox top-mounted roller shutter system, issued by the renowned IFT Rosenheim Institute, Germany.
    • Expansion of the machine park with modern lines for PVC profile extrusion.
    • Extension of the machine park with lines for profile veneering.
    • Extension of the machine park with yet another line for PVC profile extrusion.
    • Marketing of two in-house products – the CleverBox venetian blinds system and the QuadBox under-plaster roller shutters.
    • Commissioning of a modern warehouse hall – in terms of technology and safety.
    • Extension of the product portfolio with an innovative under-plaster system with a plastic access plate (QuadBox hybrid).
    • Commissioning of yet another modern production and warehouse hall.
    • Marketing of the in-house CleverBox screen roller shutter system.

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Awards and distinctions

BeClever has enjoyed the opinion of a reliable and trustworthy business partner for many years, which can be seen by virtue of numerous awards and distinctions given for the business pursued so far: Business Reliability Certificate, Forbes Diamonds, Business Gazelles, Business Cheetahs, Effective Enterprise, Strong Enterprise, Transparent Enterprise, Trustworthy Enterprise and the Certificate. Over the years, the company was appreciated not only for effective results and transparent activities, but also for its product solutions. The fact that BeClever’s offering is innovative is proven by awards given by the trade media: Crystal Profile (Oknonet), Novelty of the Year (Forum Branżowe) and VIP (Infookno).

The company was also awarded the certificate of Golden Payer – a prestigious distinction for maintaining the highest standards of payment discipline, which is awarded to companies meeting all of the following criteria simultaneously: PMI below 80 pints, rating above CCC and no active debt collection procedures. Only 5% of the enterprises operating on the Polish market meet the above criteria, which means that this is an elite honour for BeClever showing that the company is reliable with its payments.


BeClever cooperates with architectural studios from all over Poland. Architects, taking care of energy efficiency, functionality and aesthetics of designs, pay attention to the significant portion of the building, that is its external protection systems. BeClever solutions can be applied in virtually any design. Many configuration options and a wide range of finishing variants allow adapting their appearance and functions to the individual requirements of their users.

Wizualizacja domu z żaluzjami fasadowymi

The representatives of BeClever participate in trainings in the cycle titled “Energy-efficient solutions in the modern construction industry” organised by Design Studio Archipelag. The meetings, mostly directed to architects, are held in various parts of Poland and are attended by the speakers who are representatives of leading companies from the construction industry offering energy-saving home solutions. Thanks to such diversified and versatile group of people, it is possible to exchange valuable experiences and knowledge and outline the directions for development and trends related to energy-efficient construction industry.

Szkolenie związane z energooszczędnym budownictwem

BeClever participates in international fairs pursuing its strategy the paramount aim of which is to build a strong and recognisable brand with an European reach. One of the most important is the R+T international trade fair for roller shutters, doors/gates and sun protection systems. The exhibition event in Stuttgart is the largest global event of this sort and enjoys high regard both among the exhibitors (over 800 enterprises from 40 countries) and the visitors (around 60,000 interested parties). Interesting meetings and exchange of valuable experiences with the Guests allow even better identification of the market needs and creation of new possibilities for the development of the company and its offering.

Międzynarodowe targi, rolet, bram i osłon przeciwsłonecznych

BeClever sees the similarity between business and sports, where dynamic action, consistency in going for goals and first of all teamwork and the fair-play attitude are what matters. From the very beginning of its operation, BeClever pays attention to promote activity in various sports disciplines. The company supports teams participating in games in the Września County. The logo of BeClever can be seen on the T-shirts of futsal, volleyball and basketball players. In addition, BeClever sponsors the volleyball team of Krispol Września, which participates in the matches of the first national league. The involvement of the company in the sphere of sports underscores the significant role of healthy lifestyle and spending free time actively.

Firma BeClever jest sponsorem drużyny siatkarskiej Krispol Września