CleverBox top-mounted screens

CleverBox screens is an elegant and modern way to cover the window externally in all types of buildings, which significantly improves the comfort of living and working. The fabric of the screen protects from strong sunrays, makes it impossible to observe the inside of the flat by unwanted eyes and allows remaining in constant contact with the exterior.

A wide scale of fabric hues allows free adaptation to the design of the facade and high resistance to external factors guarantees colour preservation and long life. CleverBox screens are characterised by modern patterns and a high quality of employed components, guaranteeing use for many, many years. The system can be built in in three variants: thermic, WF and soft.

Skrzynka rolety typu screen CleverBox z pokrywą rewizyjną otwieraną od dołu

CleverBox Thermic

  • dimensions: 165×255 mm
  • access plate from the bottom
  • fully or partially built-in option
  • maximum width of the window profile: variant without a mosquito net – 98 mm, variant with a mosquito net – 80 mm
Skrzynka rolety zewnętrznej screen CleverBox z rewizją serwisową otwieraną od tyłu

CleverBox Thermic WF

  • dimensions: 165×255 mm
  • access plate from the rear
  • externally built-in option
  • maximum width of the window profile: unlimited
Skrzynka rolety zewnętrznej przeciwsłonecznej z zaokrągloną pokrywą rewizyjną od tyłu

CleverBox Soft

  • dimensions: 165×175 mm
  • access plate from the rear
  • externally built-in option
  • maximum width of the window profile: variant without a mosquito net – 98 mm, variant with a mosquito net – 80 mm

Comfortable temperature and savings

The screens help maintain a comfortable temperature at home in summer, reflecting up to 70% of all sunrays! The heat will remain outside the window, preventing rooms from overheating. The screens ensure a comfortable temperature inside in summer, at the same considerably reducing the costs of air conditioners and other cooling devices.

Thanks to CleverBox screens, you can save money on heating during the cooler days. In the winter season, when the screens are down, the space known as “air cushion” forms between the material and the window pane, which prevents loss of heat from the rooms.

The fabric of the screen is resistant to weather conditions and is available in different variants of weave openness – from high transparency to full shading.

Przepuszczalność energii słonecznej i światła przez roletę typu screen
Pomieszczenie z zasłoniętymi oknami roletami przeciwsłonecznymi zewnętrznymi

Our systems are “Clever” for a reason

Get to know the innovative solutions of the system and their benefits

The CleverBox top-mounted screens stand out thanks to a range of “smart” technical and technological solutions employed in the modern construction industry, thus meeting the needs of demanding users.

Materiał rolety typu screen chroniący przed owadami i insektami

Protection from insects

Thanks to a zipper tape and properly fitted sealing, the screen fabric forms a barrier against insects, particulate matter and dust.

Skrzynka rolety nadstawnej CleverBox z uniwersalnym profilem adaptacyjnym do montażu na każdym oknie


A versatile adapter allowing easy installation on any PVC, aluminium and wooden window.

Skrzynka rolety nadstawnej CleverBox z profilami wzmacniającymi stabilność podczas montażu


Optional steel profiles and reinforcement consoles ensuring stability of installation in the case of huge sizes.

Zabudowa rolety przeciwsłonecznej zewnętrznej CleverBox


A two-sided frontal profile with the possibility to employ in the non-building-in or building-in variant – the box will be entirely hidden from the outside.

Wzory tkanin rolety typu screen


It is possible to have screen fabric in different colours, weave patterns and translucency degrees.

Napęd ręczny lub elektryczny do rolet zewnętrznych


The screen material is controlled by electric drives, which considerably boosts their comfort of use.

Finishing aesthetics

Tailored to your tastes

The CleverBox screens are offered in a wide selection of colour and design options allowing to shape their appearance to the individual liking of investors. The offered decors include a new generation of the Woodec foil, being a faithful reproduction of the appearance and nature of true wood combined with high durability and performance.

Pokój gościnny z przysłoniętymi roletami typu screen
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